I m gonna try and do this Gluten free diet so i made me a grocery list thought...

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  • Great list!

  • Didn't read all the comments, so sorry if this has already been mentioned, but RAW honey is the best because it has really good active enzymes. It will say "raw" right on the label, and it's usually right next to all the other honeys.

  • great list that only thing I might be asking about would be sunflower seeds, diet green tea, and gatorade...my lymie friend is on a NO FAT so that excludes all oils and seeds, and a NO SUGAR OR ARTIFICIAL SUGARS (they are worse than regular sugar) diet.

    By the way here is a great way to try cucumbers:

    Slice them all up and place on plate, then squeeze a nice amount of lime or lemon all over them, then sprinkle some garlic salt or Herbamare or sea salt on them and ENJOY!

  • does raw honey have sugar in it?

  • Yes it is a form of sugar. So is Agave nectar.

  • YES, it IS SUGAR

  • Sugar feeds lyme. Sugar in all its forms! Agave, honey, etc. If you start to feel withdrawl symptoms from not eating sugar (including high GI -glycemic index fruits and veggies) for a few days then you are feeding your lyme and should do only low GI foods and avoid all sugar and high GI foods.

  • GREAT lyme food guidence...http://www.recipesforrepair.com/

  • ^Keep in mind phases 3 & 4 of this diet DO allow some forms of wheat (ie gluten). So, there's a bunch you'll need to cross off on the later lists (I can't have soy either because of my thyroid, but that's also allowed in the later phases of the Recipes for Repair diet.)

    Don't get me wrong though, I do use this diet and love it but it's a little more lenient than I can be.