I m curious what is being done to educate primary care physicians about Lyme...

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  • nothing

  • I think nothing. If anything I think they are being trained to tell people stop losing their minds and get a grasp of reality. It blows my mind that so many people can be so well and are basically ignored by the medical community.

  • Right now I think it's up to us to educate the doctors that we come in contact with. I know I have educated my PCP. Gave him Under Our Skin to watch. So far, he's been pretty open.

  • My primary care doc rides the IDSA train. We agree to disagree about Lyme & he treats my "fibriomyalgia" pain. It is darned inconvienient to have to see more than one doc for treatment-my LLMD who doesn't write rx for narcotics & this fella who if it weren't for his choice in which train to take would be an awesome doc.

  • I agree....Nothing! We need to educate. When the pediatrician told me after 3 wks of abx, that any pain my daughter was having was in her head for attention! Really, my 15 yr wants attention, but yet is pain and can't go to school or play her favorite sports....yea, nothing is being done. Nina Moore I was thinking about ordering Under Our Skin to leave at our new pcp's office for them to watch and hope that they will take me seriously, I went in Dec to have blood work done to check thyroid only, no physical needed it was done in June...They told me that they will run more tests which included full blood work, WB and thyroid. Depending on results, may send me either to a rheumatologist or orthopedic. I told them I was already tested in May and was CDC neg,(showed lab work) but had a CD57 done and was clinically dx as Chronic Lyme. They said "well you may have "post lyme". I was never dx as to having lyme so how can I have Post Lyme? Well let's wait to see results...Needless to say, I'm sticking with my LLMD and haven't gone back to my PCP.