I m 36 years of age from Norway I fell while skiing in 2010 and wrecked my...

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  • Erlend, welcome! Welcome to Facebook & to our group. It has been a wonderful addition to our lives in dealing with OCD. I find quite a lot of support here. My daughter is dealing with an OCD in her foot. She is a very active child who was in severe pain for years. Currently, she is recovering from a bone graft surgery. We are hopeful that this will work to keep her pain gone, but recovery is a long process for this diagnosis. I have heard of a hemicap, but have not had one done. If the pain is due to bone on bone contact, that could very well solve your problem. I do hope that it does!

  • I too was really active, not so much these days but it isn't the same for everyone. Welcome.! You need to see a pain management doctor. I am also going to post later about an 8 week programme I'm about to start. Will let you know if it is any good x