I know this isn t really RSD related except that it s making me flare up

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  • Thank you all again. Update is, she coming home with Palliative Care. She wants to die at home. Once Palliative Care gets her set up, hospice will step in. I am beyond devastated here. She's been like a mother to me since my own mom died 18yrs ago this past Monday on Labor Day. This has been like reliving my own mothers death exactly same weeks and all. Thank you all for your support. Last night I hurt so bad, my husband left this morning I think it was 8:30. His phone call at 11:15am woke me up. I still can't believe I slept that long. Pray she passes peacefully. ❤️

  • Sending prayers!!!

  • Sending prayers up for you & the family!

  • So very sorry Karen , prayers to you and your family

  • Prayers. I was told my mom had less than 6 months to live and when I heard that everything in my body flared up. Take time for yourself.

  • Prayers for you and your family.

  • Can't right now. But it won't be too long now. I think maybe 2 days at most now.

  • I'm sorry Karen DeFilippo

  • prayers for her and for your family

  • Sending up many prayers for you and your family!

  • Stay strong for your health sake please. I know your pain of losing her and the stress in you it's overwhelm. Tale care and stay in touch.