I know ants spiders and ticks aren t the same but I react the same to all of...

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  • nope but I know I use the vacuum hose as soon as I see the little turds

  • i am! i know this feeling!! i can deal with one ant, outside. it must be outside!! spiders i have the BIGGEST fobia of them! i will tell myhusband HELP AHHH spider! its HUGE!!! he'll come it all scared of this giant spider, see's it and says THAT is not huge! to me it is huge tho! giant!! i will get scared paralyzed and hyperventilate and then i have a fear of that spot for a few days. big HUGZ!!! try and have some breaths. bending over for to long gives me a throbbing headache too. i had a mass ant attack in my bathroom and kitchen once. i squrted windex on the buggers. i could keep a nice distance from them and not bendover. killed them and made me satisfied! we got some really awesome ant traps. i'll show you them.

  • Oh forgot to add, im SOOOO proud of you!!!!! i know how hard it is for you to do what your doing/been doing! focus on the satisfaction that you killing them!! and getting rid of them!!

  • I've had/had arachnophobia since little because ALL we learned about in 1st grade was the bad ones. None of the good. Then a ganater came and got class because there was a black widow in the guys bathroom. To top it off the movie arachnophobia came out at the same time and my folks went and took me to it. Lived by mountain so would get tarantulas found etc and just went from there. We get scorpions too and snakes but spiders are the worst for me. Actually just yesterday there was a garden snake in front of house and scared the living sh&t out of me because my dog got out and saw it and I didn't know if rattle because so quick so had to grab her so fast I felt bad cause think choked her when pulled her so quick and she wasn't happy with me but I would rather get bit by a rattle than my dog at least THAT would be covered by medical lol anyways answers yes sorry so long just blabbing away. Lol

  • I scream and make my hubby kill spiders. I can't do it. I'm always afraid they're going to jump on me!

  • I am so glad you guys are like me! My parents live 2 mins away and I have called my dad to come "rescue" me from spiders on multiple occasions. Oy!

  • I think it's natural to some extent to be adversed to these little creatures. A survival instinct of a sort. I was inspecting bridges in a semi-desert area of Alberta, Canada. This meant climbing all over and under them (naturally), and they had many spiders on them. I had this spider phobia at the time. What I noticed, and this helped, the little creatures did there very best to get away from me. Often they would jump off, and spin a threat of web all the way down to the water, river or creek, far below. Yes, my fear is greatly diminished since then, but I do know how bad it can be.

  • This profile pic is before Lyme, when all I had to worry about was falling to my death.