I knew from an hour after I stung this morning that a herx was approaching

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  • ride out the fever.. your body is fighting... that's what you want it to do. I know it's uncomfortable but honestly, if you can get through this, it will help in the long run. Now if the fever gets dangerously high, that's a different story. <3 hugs my friend <3

  • Ugh I'm fuc:&$!ing dying

  • Semia Radwan dont go stinging your tailbone just yet either...

  • Semia Radwan I'm so sorry. I had a migraine just like that a week ago. I was longing for the ER knowing full well they could not do a damn thing.

  • Yea No tailbone stinging for like a year .

  • well, maybe wait another month or so... dont rush it... you have to listen to your body

  • If I were feeling that bad I would take a couple of Alkaseltser plus cold tabs. Damp down the hist reaction a little and helps w pain and sleep.which prob sounds good to you right now.

  • But fever is a good thing as long as its manageable and stays in a ok range.

  • Alka gold


    Cold ?

  • Semia Radwan Ellie likes Gold for head aches and alkalinizing..........I like Cold for anit hist and sleep /pain. I dont do often only when it gets bad.

  • Thank u

  • When I endevor to help others .I forget how I feel......SO......Thank you !

  • ❣❣❣

  • My fever's coming up too now. Sweating sheets, completely spaced out. Lay down and stare sick.

  • Fever is good. Let it do what it has to. I don't prefer Tylenol for anything since it destroys Glutathione.

  • Let it kill whatever virus its going after. If you start approaching 103 consider some advil Hang in there this is a good thing. Sorry you have to go through this

  • Do you have anything to help you sleep? When I feel absolutely rock bottom, I take something to knock me out and sleep it off. Have only done this a few times, but it sure helped. You want to keep the fever going, like others say, unless it gets to 103. Then I would take an NSAID to bring it down, or cool bath. NSAIDS aren't great for BV, but every now and again won't hurt - and might help the migraine. Hope it all lifts shortly. <3

  • Just love sweating sheets - not. Hope it lifts very soon!

  • Sorry Allison, I used to run every day fevers and get that spike in the evening, it's miserrrable. Still happens occasionally. Also, yep to laying down and staring - I actually call that "the stares." Hope you feel better soon!

  • How are you feeling Semia, how's the fever?

  • Thanks you two :( Ha, the stares, perfect.

  • Hang in there Alison. Snuggle up with a movie and ride the waves. Your on track and going to win this :)

  • Hope you're feeling better

  • One sheet of sweat at a time amiga :)