I just ordered some Lions Mane powder I hope its OK if one has histamine...

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  • Not an answer to your question, but how did you get a doc to check your myelin sheaths?

  • I don't really know exactly how it was done. I had a series of fancy blood tests. They were ordered by a doctor in Brisbane near San Francisco. He called himself the Health Detective. It appears to be true. It was after that I completely went off all trace gluten and started taking silica drops which helps quite a lot, though of course not quite enough. The DE is making a huge difference for me. And being on a relatively low histamine diet. But as said I still have these blips when I am talking, and am the inveterate extreme night owl.

  • Which silica brand

  • I'm having ms and wanna something to help me

  • I have mast cell and the lions mane had been amazing. Helped my nerve issues a ton. I use the Host Defense brand.

  • I use JarrowSil. Has helped a lot. Didn't know I had EDS til this month actuallyl! But the silica drops definitely has helped my joints get better. Hopefully my nerves too! My heart no long has palpitations so that should say something. Other thing was taking serrapeptase to reduce swelling from producing too much bradykinins when under stress... It acts directly against the bradykinins. Also a fibronylitic agent so acts against excess fibrin and scar tissue. Very good at clearing the veins including blood clots. Though I also take other things to help strengthen my veins.

  • For me my health has been a work in progress for years. Since the 70's actually when I discovered the value of herbs and diet and was on the verge of dying due to my kidneys spontaneously getting infected all the time. Diet and herbs saved my life!

  • Am crossing my fingers it will work for me too Hope Marler Cross! Your experience gives me more confidence it will... I'll start with a very small dose at first however just to give my body a chance to acclimate.