i just got home from an endoscopic ultra sound procedure the dr told me I had...

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  • well, if you can have vaginal scarring and it be related to auto immune diseases I don't see why this can't also. Especially when it seems that ss attacks the digestive system alot. Prayers for you.

  • My mother, sister and I have Autoimmune Disease. My mother did develop chronic pancreatitis probably related to it. So it is possible, but you definitely should follow up with your doc awake :)

  • Ruth - how do they check for it? Is it a blood test? If so, do u know which one? I have had tons of blood work so I may have had it done & may don't know it - especially if it was normal.

  • I remember that when my mother was in a flare there was positive bloodwork - enzymes perhaps? Also they did some extensive endoscopic diagnostic exams as well... ERCP I believe.

  • I ended up having to have the sphincter of odi (a sphincter between the pancreas and the duodenum) rebuilt because it was causing me so much pain. I kept feeling pressure build in my chest and felt like I was having a heart attack. It ended up being the sphincter of odi. That was 10 years ago and I've felt so much better since the surgery in 2000.

  • Unfortunately it could be Sjögren's related if it has to do with inflammation. I don't have any experience in this particular area (thank God) but there are many who have had issues similar. Hopefully some of those girls can give you some words of wisdom. Good luck, hope you feel better soon.