I just found a huge blister on the roof of my mouth. bigger than a quarter

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  • Never had one that size. It must really hurt.

  • Well, Just got back from the doc. SLE is affecting every part of my body. Have to have soooooooo many tests done from soooooo many specialists. They think Im a polyanna

  • right now it's just annoying cause I can fill the fluid inside it, im concerned that when it pops open it will be painful...

  • feel better ladies

  • don't pop it....it will get worse

  • so do you think it is lupus related?

  • I get them every once in a while. Don't pop it....trust me!!! I did and it was so painful.

  • ouch! try rinsing with liquid benadry mixed with maalox. it soothes the pain.

  • I get those! I totally hate them because everything I eat makes my mouth sting! I stick to cream of wheat and plain yogurt.

  • Never ever pop! EVER!