I just came from Doct Rhuematologist and she said I have Rhuematoid Arthritis...

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  • you will gain weight with the prednisolone im afrsid

  • I take an antidepressant & have done for the last 4 years & will be on them for the rest of my life, they are vital to my well being & I am very ill without them .. I have not especially gained weight but tbh my recovery has been more important than my weight x

  • Oh hun, I'm sorry to hear that, yes prednisolone will make you balloon. Hydrotherapy is wonderful and it should really help you, I have used the pool on and off for years. Juice as much as you can Kim, think about fasting if u can and remember joe cross! Gentle hugs x

  • Thanks Andrea I got a script for water therapy and I will renew my juicing more often. fasting is scary because I might fail but I guess i can try???? but so is RA. Thanks for caring Andrea it means alot to me♥♥♥

  • I read something a while back that anti depression meds can also help with pain management, so that maybe why you were offered them.... enjoy the water though. I get in our pool most days to do some set exercises the OS set me and find it lovely to just switch off for a bit.....

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz is now used to treat chronic pain, I was prescibed it fo OA so maybe thats what your Doctor was meaning x

  • You can NEVER fail Kim if you try, half a day, one day is not a failure. Anti depressant meds do treat nerve pain, I took them many times but always came off. Always here for a chat Kim x

  • Beverley, I also take amatriptalyine at night, not sure it helps with the pain... I normally wake up more stiff lol but it does help me sleep x