I hope you all have a wonderful day Just wanted to share that I went to a...

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  • OMG...the ignorance and stupidity amazes me! How can anything in a dogs head?! and these people have medical licenses (veterinary) WTH?!

  • faker dog! arrrrg!

  • omg!

  • Hi Marsha Marcinko! What brand of DEET do you use? I'm so paranoid about my kids going camping, I would feel better if I knew they had bug spray.

  • Amazing isn't it? And this is in Connecticut...where they are supposed to know more.... Michelle here's some info on Repellents. I'm actually going to try the Cedar wood this year, I just haven't ordered it yet. There are many natural products that work really well. But, I find I can get other people to use OFF when they won't use my natural things, so I take it with me, LOL....Here's a link to my site with more info: http://www.livinglyme.com/Tick-Repellents.html

  • let's be clear the north east is the denial center!

  • LOL Luba. I meant to say Cedar Oil. If you go the House and Yard page

    there's more info on it there too. One Lyme friend of mine swears by it.

    I'm stoked to try it. :)

  • ummm..my friends in SC just got done telling me that the cedar trees lining the back of their property is FILLED with ticks...only place on their 25 acres they DO NOT go!

  • I swear - I was just there this morning! They told me every time one of them goes near those trees they come back with a tick (or more than one)!

  • I dunno what they like about the trees, but they definitely like them on that particular property in SC!