I hope this does not offend anyone but I have always wondered why is it the...

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  • There is a lot of us! They just feel to ashamed to tell ppl about it, Bc of us feeling ok one min and the next not knowing wth is going on with us #sosad!

  • I have said this many times. I wish that all disease had equal awareness.

  • They should,and we have the rite too!

  • I mentioned in a another post - lupus is rare compared to various forms of cancer, and most people know at least once person who has or has had cancer (maybe more than one person). Everyone knows cancer, has seen cancer, and understands that it is often a death sentence. Lupus on the other hand, is rare, sometimes difficult to diagnose, and while it can be life-threatening and fatal, the medical community and lupus advocate community do not do much to raise awareness of just how devastating the disease is.

    I'd love for the lupus foundation to start a TV ad campaign targeted as raising awareness for lupus - BUT I have seen in their own media that the lupus foundation of america has a tendency to downplay the disease too, so even if they did start an ad campaign to raise awareness, it may do little to no good.

  • My mother in law passed away from lung cancer. Her dr would get so mad about the pink ribbons. He said he's not unsympathetic to breast cancer survivors but that he takes care of all kinds of cancer and breast cancer was highly survivable and lots of people die from other cancers. He thought all cancer should get the same recognition. Then when we found I had lupus, he told me it's a tough disease and deserves awareness too. He was a great oncologist. Wish there were more doctors like that..kind and really passionate about patient care.

  • But it's such b* tho

  • I found one ad made by lupus foundation of america that touches upon how devastating it can be (but I still would like to see something more in-depth made by them). Here is the link, maybe you should all try to post this on your facebook walls to raise awareness?


  • It's the bandwagon. The companies that make things pink realize that people are stupid and will buy everything pink because they think they are supporting a cause. Dumb thing is that only pennies might actually make it to the breast cancer societies. Instead of going out and buying a cheap made in china piece of crap, people would be better off donating the full amount of the item to the cause.

  • Actually, more people died of stroke and heart related diseases than any cancers but you barely hear about them. And, with the breast cancer society, at least in canada, only about 58% of all funds raised actually make it to research. The rest goes to promotion and salaries. With hospital lotteries, I just found out that maybe 7% of the money from the $100 tickets purchased actually goes to the hospitals. The rest is used to pay for prizes and promotion. Again, people should just send a $100 to the hospital and the whole amount is used.

  • In the past, many many years ago, Lupus wasn't recognized. It took many years for doctors to give a diagnosis. Many people, mostly women died before doctors could get it right. Many black women died back then because it was misdiagnosed. I'm pleasantly surprised that it is out in the open as much as it is now. I'd love more exposure and more help. We've come a long way, praise God!