I hope everyone had a great day I feel better today and was able to go out...

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  • I'm glad you were feeling good enough to finish up everything! Now that that is done, rest up for the big days ahead so you will feel like somebody! Hope you all have a Merry Christmas! And I'm jealous, you get to cuddle and watch Christmas movies with your girls! Boys are soooo different!

  • Yes, and I wanted a boy more than my husband did, but now I love having two girls! They are different my oldest Bre is very feminine but loves basketball, volley ball, Leah is a super girly girl , like me ..she likes doing gymnastics, playing in hair and make up.They both watch foot ball and go fishing with their daddy.The best is shopping with them!

  • Tyrase Nowlin Tyler you definitely have some GREAT girls! I'm sure they are nurses when mommy is in bed! I always wanted a boy for some reason! Never even picked out a name for a girl! Dont get me wrong, I love him to death, but they are just so different! Although, let something happen with me and his nursing abilities take over! Otherwise, he don't even know me until he needs something! Every now and then he'll come lay in the bed beside me and watch tv but that's not too often! And dear Lord, FORGET about shopping, he'd rather go naked and starve!

  • Merry Christmas and what a blessing!