I haven t been posting much about progress because after each breakthrough...

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  • This year entails a lot of work but it's very rewarding. I do feel uplifted when I know what's to come, just a year!!! Okay now I am excited hah Thank you

  • Great update. How nice to read that after 100+ symptoms, you now only have a couple dozen! It certainly is a life saver... I'd say the same! :)

  • Yes and I don't feel them all at once so I am very thankful

  • Yes indeed you explained this journey well amd have traveled it in order to express it so well. Your on the home stretch now. Things really start to settle in that you truly are not fighting anymore but healing. Such a blessing. Big hugs for your last mile

  • Yes my gosh I have been purging daily because it's setting in. Thank you so much for all your help. I seriously don't know where I would be if not for your experience. I wish it didn't have so much pain behind it, we are all so fortunate you are so keen to have realized bee venom is a very potent anti-microbial.

  • Congratulations on the home stretch of your journey. It's wonderful news. I loved reading that you rise each day w "increased clarity." That's beautiful. Best wishes to you, Ione Angel, for continued healing!!

  • Chris this weekend I went to a Chinese new year festival. The night before this I did BVT and took propolis, and did more treatment that morning. Then I chelated heavy metals and I binded some mold. The mold binding really sent me over honestly and caused my head to inflame, all those neuro symptoms that make us feel disoriented and foggy came. Even like this, I hated it, I at least know that it leaves. I woke the next day without it. My gosh, now it's mainly treatment related and that took a while to get to.

    Also before there was no way I could push through a day after doing ALL that treatment. It's crazy.

  • That's wonderful; it's amazing, this BVT. I'm so happy for you. I can really relate to your description of "increased clarity." Knock on wood, I've woken up feeling that way for the last 5 days. What a difference. I'm a little over a year in. So important for us to stick with it, as hard as it can be, when a breakthrough like this can be right around the corner!

  • So happy things have improved for you, Ione Angel Thanks for such an eloquent and heartfelt update. I haven't had any improvements yet so it's always encouraging to read how others are doing, and keeps me focus, so thanks :)

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz! I broke through on a larger scale in the fall and took a hit after but knew of course to keep at it

  • Thanks for sharing. Are we all supposed to be implementing propolis?

  • it's only optional - if you want too

  • Is it suggested for a speedier healing?

  • Propolis has many great qualities on its own, so i have recently added some. But it may cause herxing so if you decide to use some, start with one drop until you know how you'll respond.

  • I've used it before a few months ago and don't notice anything, good or bad.

  • Any particular brand?

  • I've used Don Downs' or Manuka Naturals. There are many kinds.

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  • Focus helps us through definitely