I haven t been on for a while I have had a week off work I was absolutely...

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  • Yes not what you mean I took week off from work to see if the pain is better yes it is but with not moving around much I'm stiff not so much pain do get tired and very down living with this is very hard x

  • I have an appointment on the 7th November about a knee replacement but I have got it in my head the will say no! Xx

  • Hope you get it sorted x

  • Thank you. X

  • Your welcome x

  • Huggs

  • I would be going to a heated swimming pool because this is the safest exercise that relieves pain. If you're still in a lot of pain you may need to go back to see your doctor for another medical certificate

  • I go swimming 3 times a week I make myself go. I work in a school so it was a school holiday. Thank you for your suggestions xx

  • Yes, this is very common. Your days can be up & down, sideways, on any given day. Pain, fatigue, depression, the blues, weather, could be any of these. Hope this will pass soon.