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  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz, please for your own peace of mind always ask them to send you a copy of your labs. It is always helpful when trying to figure it all out. You will become you best advocate for answers and the more info you have the better you are to get answers. Get a binder!

  • Will do!

  • I managed to obtain a copy of my lab results and then found this chart. Maybe his staff would be kind enough to give you a copy of yours.

  • I am able to access my labs online through the lab I use the most but if another lab is used I always ask for a copy. I have so many doctors that it is just easier than the "I didn't get those results"

  • This is the chart which helped me to understand how the dr concluded i had MCTD. i had a positive ANA, SedRate, Very high RNP. scleroderma is shown on the chart and you will see how it would be identified for that dx. http://www.arupconsult.com/Algorithms/ConnectiveTi ssueDz.pdf

  • My hospital charges .50 per page for any medical records including labs.

  • It really stinks they want to charge us for something we have already paid for.

  • Dena Malea can you get your PCP to request them and then get them that way?

  • Jackie I will ask for them tomorrow, thank you.

  • Worth a try...just have to play the system. :-)