I have refrained from posting all day because I don t want to upset anyone as...

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  • Thank you all!! I just felt alone yesterday so this is so nice to see! I feel better today knowing that she is no longer hurting. Thank you all for your words hugs and stickers. :)

  • she knows how much you loved and cared for her! Thanks for doing rescues! (I do too)

  • I am so sorry that you are losing another dear friend. Death is so heartbreaking! We know that it is a fact of life, but that never makes it easier!

  • I'm so very sorry. This is the hardest part of loving our furry family members. Love to you.

  • Sending ❤for a

  • Sending love and hugs xx I'm a cat lady also, 3 of them, 2 girls and a boy, all rescue

  • I have cured two alleged terminal cases of human lung cancer with Wild Apple Leaves and pectic enzyme, but do not know if it will work on a cat. Sorry for your loss, but I just didn't know in time like all the people dying of cancer. You only find out after it is too late.

  • She has a sweet face! Sorry to hear.

  • Sheila, I am so sorry for your loss of your beautiful girl. It is never easy when we lose a furbaby. Let yourself grieve & when you are ready, I hope that you will get another furbaby. Please don't let the fear of losing them stop you from the greatest joy of life, which is having a cat. My two are over 17 now, so some day I will have to do the same thing. Have already been thru it with my girl, KiKi. Can't imagine my life without a cat or cats in it. They bring me great joy and their purring is therapeutic too!! Hugs to you!!!

  • Sad day for you sending you big hug bless you