I have read over the last 15 years how this disease is hard to be recognized...

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  • It doesn't just come from overseas, It is a genetic disease that a lot of people from the Middle and far East get but sometimes people without this heritage do get Behcet's. This is thought to be a new mutation for this disease. While people may have the gene or mutation, it takes something in the environment to trigger the disease to start. Researchers don't know what in the environment triggers the disease to start. I got diagnosed by having the collection of symptoms that is Behcet's and by seeing a Rheumatologist who had seen other Behcet's patients. Hope that helps.

  • Behcets.com is a great resource for you to learn all about it .

  • So you have Behçet's?

  • I strongly believe that there is a form associated with HLA-B27 that differs from individual with HLA-B51.

  • Interesting thought, Dennis.

  • I find those with the HLA - B51 have more intense disease process. Just my opinion.

  • My mom died from it

  • So sorry to hear about this x

  • Ty..... I have all her Dr reports I know and I have seen alot of what this disease does

  • I wonder too, how many cases are undiagnosed world wide ?

  • Sorry to hear this

  • I feel like it must be under-diagnosed. It was purely chance (my internet searching of symptoms) and an open minded doctor that got me diagnosed.

  • My mom's eye Dr diagnosed her then it went from their

  • My eye specialist diagnosed me also.