I have now had 4 pregnancies and all of them ended early due to preeclampsia

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  • I had a perfect pregnancy thankfully. So I can't comment that personally. But you just keep giving that baby lots of love and snuggles. Sometimes that's the best way to keep them going! Keep us posted though. We're praying for him and you. ❤

  • Wish I had some wisdom for you. All I can say is that my heart is with you, and don't stop the skin-to-skin. What is your peanut eating? His tummy is so very tiny that it might seem like he's not getting much.

  • They have him on donor breast milk for a couple weeks then switching him to preemie formula.

  • Grateful he has access to breast milk. It gives him so many beneficial enzymes and other "live" necessities that his bod needs.

  • No I won't do breast milk after the first two weeks. I don't like it. I'm only using it now to prevent the stomach thing he's at risk for

  • Understood. Are preemie formulas at this age, administered in a controlled environment like this, more customized than the ones that are otc?

  • They're administered via ng tube at first then bottle but it's all sterile

  • Ah, so sorry. I did have toxemia, with awful anemia, but my baby was pretty healthy except for a heck of a case of jaundice. I agree with the skin-to-skin.

  • I hope your little guy is a fighter. Best of luck with the specialists. I think that he's probably playing catch-up since he came so early. You've got him right where he belongs, skin to skin. Best of luck.