I have not had Dup but do have knuckle pads and PF I get steroid injections...

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  • I had to read up on FU5 for keloids, how interesting! I have not seen anyone thats posted about it before. Have you asked your Doctor? There are only a few cryosurgery folks in the US. We've got a few members that have had it done. I've had great results with RT on both of my feet.

  • Sorry, but my daughter is young, and terrified of needles. We were supposed to get 5 keloids injected, but in the end could only convince her to do one. In all the drama, there was no time to ask her doctor my question. Amazingly, her agonizing pain stopped soon after I hit a gas station to get her a treat.

  • One other thing I forgot to mention. I have used efudex on my face to treat keratosis. It seems to be relate to FU5 in some manner.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz this is so sad. So she has Keloids on 5 fingers? Do they make this FU5 in a topical? Have you read up on silicone sheets to use? I have only heard of it recently.

  • My fingers have knuckle pads. She has keloids on a shoulder. Not great to have, but she is a very happy girl. Sorry if I gave a different impression. Efudex is topical, but no idea if it works on keloids.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz gotcha. I probably read it wrong. Havent seen FU 5 for Garrods pads. (But the silicone sheets for the keloids I read about on the last week).

  • Thanks for the feedback. I just got steroid injections on knuckles, but in about 8 months maybe I will see what putting efudex on topically will do. There is a good chance it will end badly :.)

  • Your subject is very interesting. I hope to follow your results. Pushed saved on the subject. Best of health to you and yours, David!

  • Silicone sheets for scars has been out for a long time. One popular product is Cica Care by Smith and Nephew. Keloids can be tougher than thick scars though.

    More recently, liquid forms of silicone, e.g. Pracasil Plus have come into use and seem to work better than the silicone sheets.

    We generally use silicone topicals for surface or skin scars as they are not as effective for deeper forms of scar tissue.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz thank you Dr!

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz, off your main topic, but can you tell us about your cryo surgery for your feet or facebook messsage me directly.

  • I had good luck with cryo. I tried to find an RT doctor in the USA in the mid 90s, but nobody seemed eager to do it. Cryo did great things for me, but it is invasive and took a week to get fully back to active. In the last 20 years, the doctors doing it left their practices. I have not had much luck finding a new one. It sounds like RT seems to be the preferred method now. I only have experience with cryo and steroid injections. My PF is mostly stable, so I do not worry about it much. It was getting bigger so fast in the 90s that I was terrified. I know cryo reduces the size significantly, but could never tell if it helped stop future growth.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz hmmm. I'm scared of doing it for some reason

  • The reason for the recovery time is not so much from the freezing, but from getting the cryo tip into the nodule. My nodules were never overly painful, but they were super hard so a probe had to be forced in to make room for the cryo. There was no scarring from the probe, as the hole was very small.

  • Xxxxxxx YzzzzzzIntosh, I was incorrect in them using it for Dupuytrens. This is the article.

  • There are a number of effective treatments for the nodules of Ledderhose Disease which offer better results than cryotherapy such as use of fibrinolytic enzymes and TenexTX.

  • I'm not familiar with fibrinolytic enzymes. Please explain when you have a chance. Thanks. And tenexTX I've heard mixed things

  • Fibrinolytic enzymes are enzymes that the body uses to break down scar tissue or fibrosis.

    See: http://www.ledderhosedisease.com/

    TenexTX is an instrument, a tool, so its success depends on how it is used.

  • Thanks!! I'll look into.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz, your enzyme recommendation is currently getting some discussion in our forum. Would you be willing to work with me or a professional in this area to conduct a survey of your patients who received this treatment to gather some empirical evidence of results? Thank you.