I have just recently been given my diagnosis of Fibro and Osteo I have...

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  • This sounds like

    plantar fasciitis I have it, I have extensive OA in my feet but have this also, the only way I found to get rid is to put a rolling pin under my foot and roll it, had injections but didn't work

  • I will try that!!! I have tried everything else and nothing is working. Thank you!!!

  • Read up about it see if it matches

  • Not sure that is it. My pain and swelling is the red lined joint area in this picture. It is literally at the base of my toes and where the foot starts. I have no heal pain. It feels like I have small balls right behind my toes when I try to walk. UGH!! LOL!!!

  • Sounds like plantar faciitis. I have it( was diagnosed by my podiatrist ). My suggestion would be see a podiatrist for a correct diagnosis. My doc did prescribe custom molded inserts for my shoes which have helped a great deal

  • I read up on Plantar Fasciitis and it seems more for heal pain. I have no heal pain. It is right smack at the base of my toes. Do you get pain there with no heal pain?

  • the inserts didnt work for me

  • I have the same neck issue and they put me on Gabapentin, does it help you?

  • Yes the Gabapentin does help me. I just have to watch how much I take or I get terrible side effects from it. I can take no more than 500 mg a day right now.

  • I have plantar fasciitis and I've never had pain there. My pain is always at the arch. And on the inside of the foot by the bump.

  • Thank you!!! I am thinking it is joint pain and swelling from arthritis. It is just weird. LOL!!

  • You all should try coral calcium. My friend swears by it for planter fasciitis.

  • Ironically I started having pain in the ball of my left foot yesterday. I've had pain in other areas but not that part before.

    When you say it's swollen, is it hot & swollen or fluid type swollen? If it's fluid, apart from not being hot & red, you can press it & either it will stay white for a while or it will indent & take a while to go back to normal. If it's fluid, rest them, elevate them above heart level, use ice packs 20 mins on 20 off & if you can bear it, put some tight socks or firm bandages around the whole foot to compress the tissue & prevent more fluid from collecting. Keep them on 24/7 but check that they're not too restrictive (ie your toes going purple).

    If it's fluid, it may be a side effect from the Mobic. If it's not it may be septic arthritis, although that would be unusual in both feet. Either way, back to your GP you go. Worth keeping a diary of symptom changes (especially pain levels & locations) & activity too, along with medications so you can tell whether it's a drug reaction.

    I have found that I started to get nerve problems & pain in my ankles & feet from swelling in my feet after doing a lot of walking one day, and 5 flights in a week. Have you done any unusual activity?

  • My pain is actually the green line of this photo. When it swells, my feet are cold so any additional coldness makes me want to grit my teeth. It does not stay white, but in some spots the indents take a bit to go back to normal than other spots. I will keep a diary and I am going to send my Rheumy a message so he knows what is happening. I have had nerve pain all over for years. The neck nerve compression issue is new and I am taking 2 more Gabapentin than I was. I did start milking cows some (we have a dairy farm) which is more activity than normal and it requires me to put more pressure on that green line area due to squaring down for each cow. I did that for a few days and was fine. Then all of a sudden I have this. The Mobic is new as well. Today was day 3 or 4 that I have taken it. Just not 100% sure what is causing this issue. Thank you for your help!!

  • My initial thought was gout. Gout is arthritis of the toes, if you can, go to a podiatrist and get a diagnosis, salt foot bath might help. Good luck.

  • Well as a Paramedic I give you the treatment of some time off your feet. Sorry cows

  • Lisa, you're describing my pain also