I have fibro and was recently diagnosed with OA in the knee My knee is really...

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  • Have you tried an off loading brace? Breg and Donjoy both make them, but you need a doctor to prescribe it. I use one that is an OA/ACL combination. They make them that are strictly OA (or at least Breg does.)

  • I am awaiting for the doctor's office to contact me regarding it. They said they have a certain place that deals with custom braces. And hopefully my insurance will cover it. I have a regular brace but it doesn't stay up on my thighs so as I'm walking it slides down.

  • Mine has helped. I use it just for my workouts. I know people who wear them all day.

  • My husband is a truck driver and wears his brace. He injured his knees in HS football, but it's 25 yrs of trucking that has done most of the damage. Few yrs back he had it scoped/ cleaned out, but a replacement is the next step. His brace makes a world of difference. FYI insurance rejected it at 1st. Doc called, told them his knee was not stable and he could not work without one. The knee would give out and injury would occur. The cost then, would depend on if he was driving, working or engaged in recreational activity, but it would give out and be extremely costly.

    The approved the brace.