I have felt terrible since Sat NO energy so extremely tired Can t even...

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  • Positive thoughts and prayers for you.Best wishes, feel better .

  • Prayers being sent.....feel better soon!

  • So sorry Tracey Wilson, it just keeps coming at you. Guess if the kids don't like the mess they could help...offer incentives! I'm not one for "chores" or "allowances" because I think family just does it but sometimes a good incentive is warranted. Hope you feel better soon, sounds like a flare...try and rest my friend.

  • Sending positive thoughts and prayers.

  • Been there...how is your vitamin D level. Call the doctor you can feel better.

  • I am taking vitamin D???Kathy Workman, Thanks Jackie Carter Traw My kids have certain things they have to do around the house, but I may have to break out some incentives to get them to do a little extra :) Thanks I have been trying to rest, even went to a chriropractor tonight???? Praying for sometnhig to give :)

  • praying.

  • Hugs to you. I was taking vitamin D but then had to take a mega doctor prescribed dose.

  • Sending you Hugs and Prayers Tracey Wilson