I have Behcets I was diagnosed when I was 21 I have a 4 year old son a couple...

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  • So sorry to hear this, sending hugs and prayers for you both xxx

  • My son gets the ulcers sometimes but no other signs of behects. It is easy to blame ourselves but that is a lie. When its us thats one thing but our babies that is a different story so my heart hurts for you.

    You and your son are in my prayers just take one day at at a time. Hugs

  • This is no way your fault , praying he doesn't have bd.

  • Hugs and thoughts xx

  • I have it, both my girls 3+7 years old probably have it too. Both being monitored by a childrens immunologist.

  • My son, 9 years old has BD. He was diagnosed when he was 7. Good luck in your journey! Praying.

  • Prayers that it's nothing but a virus .

  • My 17 year old daughter has it. Here if you need me and will add you both to my prayers

  • Hi Lexie I am 47 and only diagnosed this year after about 16 years of knowing something was really wrong. My daughter is 18 and I am positive she has it too. Being aware is a good thing but blaming yourself doesn't do anyone any good.

  • I have a 6.5 year old daughter with it - symptoms started at 14 months. And and she was diagnosed at 6 years. I

    Here if you need to talk