I have been following the diet for a week or two and my symptoms have gotten...

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  • Hello, Carolle--It takes many months for the NSD to take hold; there are many ups and downs and we have to really work to make the diet work for us. Diet cannot compete with drugs for speed of action, but certain supplements and natural products can. Fasting is the best way to be certain any diet will work for You--in less than a week You can become convinced of the food connection with AS.

  • I am in your shoes. Now Humira has my blood inflammation under control when I limit carbs and starchy food, I feel way worse too.

  • Yeah, maybe it only reduces inflammation... if our inflammation is already controlled, it might not help us?

  • Yea my Rheum said I have so much joint damage from 18 plus years undiagnosed and OA that nothing is going to change that. Just keep moving and stretching to keep whatever is still moving moving LOL. I still try to eat better tho just so I don't gain weight. It keeps me from needing pain mess as much so that is good I guess

  • Maybe you'd be ok to cut out starches but don't cut out the carbs - up the fruits to get your carbs instead