I have been experiencing bladder pain and discomfort recently Testing was...

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  • Yep this happened to me too with lower back stinging. It caused bladder inflammation for about a week. I've slowly been inching lower but haven't stung quite as low as the original lower sting that set it off.

  • Are you sure it's bladder and not just lower back pain? Curious

  • yes it is definitely the bladder

  • did you take a break from stinging?

  • It wasn't an intentional break because of the pain flare. I was on vacation and took 7 days off so missed 3 sessions. Bladder felt fine when I started back. I wouldn't have taken a break if I hadn't been traveling.

  • Can BVT cause losing your bladder? I've had kids and that can cause losing your bladder, but when I can't make it to the loo is when there is a problem. It has become worse since I starting stinging. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it common with BVT? I also feel like I have to "go" all the time!

  • I would type IC in the search field above...or "painful bladder"...several others have experienced similar inflammation in their bladders while doing BVT.

  • IC and chronic bladder infections are common with Lyme. The venom brings chronic infections acute. As we go through ythe the BVT process, many secondary infections are brought to the surface, some you weren't even aware you had. It's not the BVT actually causing the symptoms, it's just bringing hidden infections out into the open.

  • It's been brought to my attention that bromide toxicity can cause kidney/bladder pain, and frequent urination. Perhaps this is what you're experiencing.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz, can you recommend a website or link to learn more about this?

  • I'm detoxing bromide by avoiding foods high in it, and taking pink sea salt, selenium, magnesium, and 5000mg vit C daily. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive /2009/09/05/another-poison-hiding-in-your-environm ent.aspx

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz

    Cherry Angiomas are a sign of bromide toxicity too! I have lots of UTI and red spots too! Any recommendations?

  • I'm using MIchelle Miller's iodine/bromide detox protocol from 12FORU All Things Natural.

  • Is there a test I can have done to see if this is affecting me?

  • Wouldn't and infection showed up when they tested me?

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  • I've taken kelp supplements in the past. I'm sure I have bromide in my system because I have the angiomas and a fairly large thyroid nodule. I've also taken selenium, but I also eat a lot of Brazil nuts. Are these enough to help eliminate the bromide? I don't know if I can take any more supplements. It feels like too much right now with all the other things I'm taking.

  • Depends on the kind of test that's done. A urinary broth culture would probably show what bacteria is residing there, but that is a test that is obscure and not done in the typical workup even if you have chronic issues. You can specifically request it with your DR or have it done by a specialty lab.


    The symptoms could also be caused by inflammation to the bladder and/or irritation of the nerves. All of these are caused by the underlying Lyme infection. You can go crazy & broke chasing symptoms which will probably clear up as the BVT resolves the Lyme. Nancy's suggestion about bromides and thyroid is a useful avenue to explore.

  • Austin, it can be tested with blood and/or urine tests, but I have no experience with these, nor can I vouch for their accuracy. In my case, it 'looked like a duck, quacked like a duck', so I determined it was in fact a duck. aka iodine and bromide issue.

  • Janet, I'm detoxing it with selenium, pink sea salt, magnesium, and high dose vit C.

  • Nancy - thanks. I use Himalayan sea salt and have selenium supplements. The Magnesium and C I am already taking, so I think I can manage the two extra things. There is so much involved with BVT and it's hard to keep track of it all. More to think about.

  • I have some little red spots also

  • Thx for the links, Nancy Cleek Dolan!

  • I haven't felt that myself from BVT.. but if you have a UTI you might feel that way...