I have a question yesterday I saw the Chief of Rheumatology at the Veteran s...

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  • Of note, those with Celtic origins also have a higher incident of Behcet's bc the Celts migrated up to what is now the uk and ireland

  • Addie, that answers my confusion about my ancestry...Scotch-Irish...

  • This guy is another well.....let's just say he needs to read more books... lol. My sons Rhumitalogist said the same thing. Any way... don't listen to this. There is a middle eastern form of BD but!!! Very big but there is also a European form. It's more prominent and the patient tends to have less kin liesions and more gastro issues. Ether way genetics are a funny thing. I have BD and my six year old is showing signs. It literally runs in our family on my mothers side. I was told that's not possible too. I think we have something else that is genetic. Anyway I hope you feel better.

  • My rheumatologist told me the same thing, it's true that it's more prevalent in that area but obviously affects others too!! He asked about my background first time I saw him (which is Irish, German and Russian)

  • :) I didn't know that either until I went to Dr. Yazici in NYC at the Behcets Syndrome center and he asked my background and I told him Sicilian, Northern Indian (Roma or Gypsy), and Scotch Irish ..and he said..'you have perfect setup for Behcets genetically then...and I said 'oh you mean the Gypsy and the Siciliian..' He told me yes, but then also told me about the scotch-irish part- - I had no idea..i'd never thought about it..

  • My doctor yesterday mentioned Dr Yazici also, but told me an appointment with him would be very expensive.

  • Dr. Yazici is mostly in research now and I don't believe is seeing patients anymore, or at least not new patients. When I went to see him my insurance covered him fully , so I'm not sure as to the cost

  • That answers it for me then. I am 1/4 Irish 1/4 English and 1/2 German.

  • Thanks for the information Adrie Ro-McLean.

  • When my Internist first diagnosed me she asked me about my background and if I or my family was Turkish I said I did not think so but told her I had a European background and she said BINGO

  • I was told by a dr who has a becehts clinic in turkey that it's because my family's from Spain

  • No one in my family

  • It's more common but not a requirement!!! I'm white British woman no connections at all & I Behcets diagnosed by the Behcets Clinic in London. God Bless you & Merry Christmas

  • Well, I talked to my Mom..her ancestors do come from the Netherlands..my Grandmother's last name is very rare in the US but when I did a search in Europe found them there...

  • How do they diagnose Behcet's?

  • My Rheumatologist requested a genetic test for autoimmune diseases.

  • There is a set of criteria for signs and symptoms of behcet's that needs to be matched up. There is no single lab test that can confirm with certainty that someone does or does not have behcets.

  • Here's an article on the criteria that most commonly are used in the US for diagnosis http://www.behcets.com/site/c.8oIJJRPsGcISF/b.9145 377/k.ED52/Diagnosis.htm The pathergy test is positive in only about 15% of patients