I HATE JIA Seven years ago next month our lives changed I can look back and...

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  • JA does suck and is a very ugly monster. So sorry it's reared its ugly head again. These kiddos are amazingly strong and have such perseverance. Tyler will beat this again. Sending positive thoughts and prayers.

  • All I can do is cry. Your words hit me so hard. Probably because our journey just started and already I know how much our lives have changed. Nothing is the same. Even when my son is pain free and playing like a typical kid. I'm in the shadows watching like a hawk.

  • Let it out! You have to. You need it and we all get it. In my prayers. Oxox

  • We hear you momma. When I feel like no one, including my husband, understands how I feel about JIA, I know the ones in this group sure do. Sometimes all we can do is rant and cry until we're able to pick ourselves up again and keep fighting with them. Sending love and light your way. <3 I feel like this quote defines my life as a JIA momma:

  • Jenie, I'm so sorry that you and your son are on this journey too! But I am thankful for this group and knowing we are not alone. It's so hard not to wrap them in a bubble!!!

  • Sending prayers for your son and your family!

  • I so hate this disease too. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Hugs and prayers for your family !

  • ❤ I wish I could give all the mom's on here a hug. So grateful for all of you sharing your frustrations and heart with us who understand.

  • Thank you so much for the support! I was feeling so puny when I posted that yesterday thinking about the past. It helps to vent and just get it out. But there is no reason to look back as the future is ahead of us and thankfully Tyler is old enough to express himself better. He will persevere!

  • I'm so sorry for this difficult journey for you. Your words are so poignant! I wish you guys well getting it under control again.