I had rods put in my spine 2 5 years ago I had been doing well for the most...

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  • Hi Beth.

    I had exactly the same. Got told that by straightening the spine and holding posture better, it puts an adverse amount of pressure on the other parts of the spine ( both higher and lower ).

    I also got told that most scheuermanns patients have more than just the curvature. ( usually brought on my the problems ).

    I've got scheuermanns, spondylitis / spondylosis, severe arthritis in the lower spine, and had mass degeneration of the discs both above and below. ( I've had my neck and lower back operated on after the main back surgery ).

    However, saying that, since my last op that actually brought together all the back into one main unit ( longer rods & better cages on front and back to hold them ), my spine is better than it ever has been.... much much better.

    ( sorry for long message, once I started to write I just kept going

  • I had to get my fusions extended about 2.5 years after my first surgery due to excessive kyphosis below my fusion line. (Back curved forward) sucks but it's a part of the disorder