I had a good day but in chronic pain all the time my neck shoulders stomach...

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  • Do you take Plaquenil? It slows progression and has lessened my joint issues some.

  • Yes.

  • Im sorry you are hurting.

  • I would recommend your primary care provider to see if they will put you on narcotics. If that isn't a possiblity, ask for a referral to a pain clinic. I also have pbc which is another a.i.d. that destroys the small bile ducts in the liver. Also have severe GERD, so I cannot take nsaids, cox-2's, aspirin, or anything with Tylenol. Oxycodone, & roxicodone, do not have any added drugs, i.e., tylenol. I would just encourage all with autoimmune diseases to stay away from anything with added Tylenol or Tylenol in ANY form. Just to preserve your liver function, even if you don't have problems with it now. Because our bodies are capable of turning on us, it makes sense to read all the warnings about how many of the drugs we may take can be very harmful to our livers. Once permanent scarring occurs, your liver can't ''repair itself''. If a drug is supposed to relieve pain, and it's not effective in treating your pain, I encourage you to weigh the risk/benefit. Hope you find a doc who will take your pain seriously!

  • Lizzie, I just asked about lymphodema on another post by Joanne. I do know my dad and two of my sisters have it. I guess not related to Sjogren 's.....

  • My immunologist said there is a 3-4% increase chance in patients with Sjogren's.