I got a desperate call from an old friend who just found out she has LD in one...

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  • I have cramps in both my feet I also have LD and I have not found anything that stops it while it is happening. I just grin in pain. Sorry maybe someone else has some advice.

  • I have found the magnesium tablets have a minimal effect but the powder works better for me,I too have it in both feet and at times unbearable and have difficulty in walking

  • Are the cramps only when it is active and new nodules are coming out or just a common occurrence that doesn't mean new nodules are coming?

    She said she went to the podiatrist because of the cramps and he told her he thought she had LD.

    I asked her if the cramps came before the nodules, and she couldn't answer that question.

  • Thanks, Brandy. I wish you the best.

  • Thanks, Konnie.

    What kind of powder - Magna Calm? Have you tried magnesium oil? She's in so much pain. Makes me sad. Her podiatrist only knows about giving steroid injections - says he doesn't have many of these cases. Wish I could send her to someone who does. The podiatrist i see in Mountain View, CA only knows about the Vitrase and Verapamil because I told him about it. If mine comes back, I don't know where to turn either!

  • I have cramps all the time especially when my foot is articulated in any direction. Walking on mud, inclines, soft surfaces, swimming. Sometimes applying pressure helps. When I was in Colorado I tried a Marijuana Salve on my feet and did not have a cramp the entire time using a few times a day. The good news is there was no effect other than relief. The bad news is that I'm from Texas and it's not legal here.

  • I use Natural Calm at night and drink it like a hot tea. It's raspberry-lemon flavored and taste like herbal tea.