I got a cortisone shot in my knee today It felt fantastic until the numbing...

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  • Well I won't be doing this option.. thank you for sharing your experience.

  • Dr said it will feel a ton better after about 48 hours, but until then

  • It's usually the local anesthetic the doctors mix the cortisone injection with that hurts more than the cortisone itself.

  • Oh during was fine. It burned a little with the local, but not bad. That was at 9 this morning. Lasted a good few hours. I can't even bend my knee right now though. It sucks, but I'm sure once it stays working in a couple days, I'll change my tune lol. Just trying to figure out something that can help the pain until then.

  • My dr doesn't wanna risk infection & more damage that cortisone causes over time .I'm already advanced stages of OA . I'm not sure how to go right now .

  • It does get better but like my doctor told me it doesn't work for everyone. Good luck. I hope you get some relief.