i get urinalysis every now and then to check on the rbc s that exist in my...

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  • I managed to hold down a career and many jobs during my younger days despite having hsp and symptoms for many many years. You learn the symptoms, and understand how your body reacts. With me it means I just have to lie down and have early nights in bed when I need too. Something I have always had to do. Because it was rare nobody explained to me it was because of hsp and the blood platelets and stuff for many years. Good Luck

  • thank you for sharing ur story..i'm actually starting to learn how my body reacts with the stuff i eat...i honestly cannot follow the proper diet religiously..i still eat junk...i just try to minimize my consumption of processed food...just having a hard time gaining my normal weight back..did u also experience weight loss?

  • we had to do a food diary as my daughter would have flare-ups after eating chicken.....we realized that it was only chicken w/ preservatives, etc.....so now we try to do organic