I get bruises every now and then but the other day my plastic cutting board...

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  • Yup, I have a bruise on my middle finger from a water bottle cap..and I have bruises on my thighs and knees, but no clue where they came from, just randomly showed up.

  • You should see dr could be hairline fracture or chip of bone. Our bones are weaker having lupus. If I lay or dustbin one position ( mostly at night)!i wake up with bruises in that area and skin hurts

  • Yes I have black and blues from just touching my skin

  • Yes, I got stung by a wasp yesterday on my cheek and today have a black eye.

  • Bruises everywhere. Last weekend jumped in a pool....hit my ankle now it feels broken. Guess we're all just extra fragile....huggs

  • YES

  • Ouch ouch. Good to know this is just par for the course :-/

  • Yes especially if it hit the joint just right

  • Yes, I even bruised the other day wearing flip flop type shoes that have extra stretchy straps that I wear almost every day. Just looked down after I took them off and there it was.

  • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ hugs