I finally broke down and booked my first ganglion nerve block for Monday

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  • I have had 47 nerve blocks and everyone was different for me. sometimes I was knocked out by a sedative(VERCED) that wasn't supposed to do that, I did get relief from the majority of them. prayers you get good relief

  • I had 19, never knocked out and did fine. Just rest that day. You should be fine. Hope it helps!

  • I did my PT exercises on the drive home. It seemed to help me.

  • I had one didn't do a thing. Had 2 nerve blocks. Dr. Did 1 on C6 n did nothing. He said he would do 1 more on C7 they are my damaged nerves. He said if it didn't work he would do anymore because if they didn't work it would be worthless to keep doing them. 2nd one did nothing.

  • Your be fine. My Doctor gave me the option of a light sedative or niming of the area. I never did the sedative because I wanted to go home and relax for the rest of the day. Your face will droop and it will look like you've had a stroke. So prepare the kids and don't panic. Praying for a successful treatment.

  • Check out You Tube Dr. Chopra lecture on CRPS he talks about ganglion nerve blocks. This doctor does not think they do any good because it's not our nerve that is inflamed it is the glial cells that are. Therefore the nerve blocks do not help as a matter of fact he says they can do a lot of damage. I am not telling you this to scare you I just know if I were you I would like all the info I could get before I try a procedure. Good Luck to you what ever you choose to do.

  • According to my hateful insurance company if I don't at least try it they won't pay for any other treatments. :(

  • Yes insurance is a bad thing for people who need care but must listen to them first. You know the ones making the decisions are not even medical people. Now does that make sense? They are playing God with our lives.

  • Or they are general practitioners that have no clue what disease we are try to get treated. It sucks.

  • I've had many under light sedation. Wears off quick for me and only a little soreness. I've gone out to eat afterwards by the time I get home ( 3 hour drive) I'm really tired that's all. Everyone is different though and I only had one droopy eye and a stuffy nose a few times.

  • They told me I won't be sedated and HAVE to be awake for it because they have to talk to me while they are doing it. I hope they are well prepared. I have a huge fear of needles, which should give them a clue if I'm willing to go through with this. At least for mine I should be there, have it done, and be home within an hour and half since it's actually in town.

  • You'll be fine, however u will definitely want to rest the rest of the day and possible the day after... at least that's what I did. Unfortunately for me, the relief only lasted 2 weeks. I pray yours gives u longer success :) good luck!

  • I've had several of these and they unfortunately didn't give me any relief. I've also had about 8 lumbar sympathetic blocks. The first one took my pain away for about 12 hours that were heavenly. I felt well enough several hours later to go to Target and walk all around... since my RSD was in my feet it was nice. They hope each successive block will give you more and more relief. My third didn't help as much showing that more blocks wouldn't help, so we had to stop them. I was given sedatives with all of the blocks I had, done by two different doctors. I was told that it was for safety so that I wouldn't move suddenly and complicate what is a delicate procedure. I felt no pain and have no memory of the blocks, but woke up after the ganglion block with my nose pouring out mucus like nothing I've ever had. It's a normal response so don't worry if you have this. I didn't get the drooped face, but know that many people do. Don't worry, you'll be fine. I do find it very interesting that Dr. Chopra says these blocks don't work and will go watch the video. The research about involvement with glial cells is interesting but my brain cells are wrapped in several opiates and other medications and I'm not able to grasp the medical research for the most part. Don't be afraid to try a block for the risk is very low of problems (but there is some risk) and if you don't try you'll always wonder if this might have been the thing that helps you. I hope it does!