I feel kind of stuck

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  • Ive had problems with public posts. Its ok you have a good heart God will put ppl in your path. I believe you are using discernment so dont second guess yourself

  • Interesting . Yeah I've been hiding or haven't been saying much publicly about my battle and how bad it's gotten but ya know what people don't know unless you tell them and often prayer n support comes . You need to trust your instincts and don't allow others to judge you or think your attention seeking or anything along those lines. You are one of God's children and you need to be true to yourself and do what you think is right

  • Thank y'all!

    It's probably good that I had all of that as public. I had it like that to try to let others know they are not alone in this mess and what helps me or reaching out to see what helps them.

    It's actually been great. Today I'll be going through and putting it public again.

    I don't need to be pretending to be healthy when I'm not. That could get me into trouble, huge health trouble.

    As far as work, I thought being a dish washer would be a good idea but the place that was going to hire me asked about my seizure triggers. main ones are getting too hot, bright light (they have huge windows with sun shining in), and a lot of eye movement.

    The heat by itself is enough to trigger a seizure unfortunately.

    I know I'll find something. People can't keep covering my bills. It's totally not fair to them. God will give a way. He always makes a way when there seems to be no possible way.

  • Hmmm making me think I should just post to pubic . Most have no idea and especially right now? Advice if certain tests are negative n certain professionals n people aren't believing ? I need the right kind of test to prove bartonella is active .... ideas anyone please

  • My LLMD I used before going to all natural treatment, Dr. Mozayeni is in Bethesda and is a bartonella specialist. He co-founded Galaxy labs which does Bart testing. He costs A LOT of money and doesn't accept insurance

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz thx ..... so what does one do if doesn't take ins n don't have the funds.....

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz, I don't know cause he won't accept you

  • Aww! :/

    So many don't take insurance anymore but my LLMD sent me an insurance form with everything filled out. My Mom said I should be getting all of it back.

    We shall see.

  • My 3 diagnosis (even tho I have vital things) were:

    A69.20 Lyme Disease

    A44.9 Bartonellosis

    B60.0 Babesiosis

    My virals which were not listed are:

    Epstein Barr (HHV4)

    HHV6 which is caused by HHV4

    When I had malaria from a missions visit to Nigeria, it cause many viruses to be active. I had chicken pox and shingles at the same time. I didn't even think that was even possible.

  • Yes, Dr. Mozayeni will give the codes for ins as well, but even with good ins I didn't get much back.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz ummm k this is frustrating

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz, part of the reason I don't see him anymore & go to Dr. John & Dr. Rabenhorst (she's very expensive too though).

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz ugh why are they so expensive ya know. I know countless people whom are stuck in the same boat which is frustrating. I need an integaravetive like person in addition to dr john

  • He is an integrative doctor. When I saw him, he charged $335 just for an office visit, no tests. He has people who come from other countries to see him. Dr. Rabenhorst is in Columbia, Maryland and also is an integrative doctor, she's a lillte less expensive, not much though.