I feel a rant coming on My dentist ruined my teeth I went to the dentist to...

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  • Thank you all! I really really appreciate all the support!

  • Wow sorry that's horrible. I have worked 20 plus years in dentistry. I have heard and seen a lot of ugly over the years. I feel so bad for you. Veneers are more cosmetic, if you've lost substantial tooth structure your probably looking at build ups and crowns. I would complain to his boss, demand/insist they fix it. At the very least what ever insurance doesn't cover they should eat the cost.

    I would file a report with your state board of dental examiners. That's where you go to file a complaint against a dentist or a office.

  • Get it in writing that they will repair damage to your teeth.

  • I have a question, I have had CRPS for 14 years and have recently noticed my gums are all receding horribly! Is this another blessing of the beast??

  • Dry mouth can cause or even aggravate gum recession. Most of the meds we take for the CRPS cause dry mouth.

  • I worked in dentistry as an assistant for many years and have NEVER heard of a dentist doing anything like that!! I'm so sorry that happened to you :(

    Make sure they make it right, and yes I would definitely make a complaint to the ADA

  • I have heard that. Keep flossing and massaging your gums lightly with a toothbrush. I think that is all you can do.

  • Insurance doesn't pay for porcelain veneers. Went through it w my dentist. They will probably pay for bonding bc it's much cheaper. Veneers are going to cost me about $800 a tooth. Is Def call and make a complaint somewhere

  • I'm going in at 3:30 today to see them. My stress level is through the roof about it... ugh

  • It's so awful. I hate my teeth & smile now. Just want this over with. There's deep gouges in the teeth next to my front teeth where the "polisher" file thing hit them too

  • http://pr.mo.gov/dental-complaint-forms.asp

    Dental board for Missouri scroll down bottom of page PDF file for filing a complaint.

  • Thank you!

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz your welcome

  • I'd contact an attorney before you go in. Even if you're only able to set an appointment with an attorney for a later date, you can honestly say that you've contacted an attorney!

  • The only problem is that many professionals would be prevented from providing services while legal action is taking place. It is a fine line. It might be safer to say something more like, if I do not get satisfaction I will be forced to contact an attorney. I know it's a fine line, but the dentists malpractice insurance may prevent him/her from providing any services. I just hate to see you in pain while things get straighten out. An attorney may in fact be able to help you, but it will be very slow.......Lots of letters flying back and forth, delays, court filings, depositions, etc.

  • Good point! I hadn't even thought of that. Thank you for pointing that out, Patricia!

  • Take a picture of your teeth, before they do anything else !

  • Horrible experience!!! There was a different dentist there filling in. I told & showed the assistant all my areas of concern & explained how my visit went. She said could easily see all of the damage & that it looked like part of a filling or more of a tooth had fallen out as well. She went to update the dentist before he came in. He comes in, doesn't ask me anything, starts poking in my mouth & says it looks fine. I calmly start pointing out the places I am concerned about & why, but he just kept cutting me off and saying it was fine. He saw that yes, I can no longer close my mouth & touch my back teeth together. And says that I could use some filling where the other dentist created a gap between my front teeth. My original fillings weren't near there so that's another issue. I showed him the tooth fragments I saved which are 4mm long from a tooth that had no filling put in & he yells at me! He yells that it's just excess composite material from the fillings. I watched it fall off my tooth whilst I flossed. At this point I start crying & he tells me that I'm just a sensitive person & that's really what the problem is. I get out of the chair & tell him I don't appreciate being verbally abused after my teeth are destroyed. And why has my bite changed if there's no prob & no filling done where it would cause a change? He said my bite changed because I'm stressed & emotional & neurotic! He actually said that! My husband asked how the hell is that even possible? To which he has zero answer & backtracks. I try explaining why I'm upset & that I have rsd and how much pain extra procedures put me in & that I'm not neurotic! Then he says he understands me because he is emotionally unstable at times too. To take 800mg of Advil which is stupid because it's flagged in my chart that I can't take that due to my meds. And how does that help me? He was an asshole! He's not the usual dentist there. The girls working who witnessed it were horrified & promised to have the dentist who owns the practice meet with me & do a real exam. Which should have happened the first time. I walked out.

  • I absolutely will! Great idea!

  • So sorry. Contact them again and tell them if they do not fix your teeth back to where they were before the dentist messed them up, you will be forced to contact an attorney. I was hopeful.........

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz I was hopeful too. I'll be doing just that. Makes me sick.

  • I'm so sorry...How aweful. You definitely have a legal case if they don't make it right!