I don t want any pity I just need to vent And I usually ignore my disease and...

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  • I'm currently on no medicine. They just took my blood 2 weeks ago and it's perfectly fine. I think I need to go see my regular doctor to see if they can put me on something to give me more energy. And my nose is healed.... that's the thing. it looks worse then it ever has. I hate it so much. And worst of all I have a huge scar on the side of it because of him cutting out the infection so many times. But thank you Christine. And you're animals put me in a little bit better of a mood btw (: lol.

  • Oh sweetie I'm so sorry to hear your feeling down. Is your iron low? Maybe you need to get that checked. You are such a stunning young lady with a great personality and such charm and a beautiful heart. All in due time things will get sorted out with your nose. The Drs don't prepare you for the change at all. I know I didn't have complicated like you did however for what it's worth I hated my nose for a realllyyy long time after I had it done and am still not keen on it. Don't ever forget how others view you your gorgeous Hun. Wish I could give you a big hug. Love ya kiddo keep your chin up this to shall pass xo

  • Oh sweetie. I am nearly 50 years old and it's been hard on me the way the disease has taken a toll on how I look. I've had WG since childhood, but it didn't affect the way I looked until I was in my 40's. It would be tough at your age, it's tough at my age. I look at other women my age and older with envy. But Chris is right, you are a very beautiful girl - still! Do they plan to do any more surgeries to fix your nose? There are creams to diminish the scarring. Ask your doc about them. Are you taking vitamins? They help with fatigue. Big hugs ~

  • Thank you Lacey and Cyndi. I go see my doctor again tomorrow. I will talk to him.... He doesn't want to do surgery on me anymore. So my parents want to fly me out to cleveland. But that won't be for a while. And I'm just so done with the whole surgery thing. Honestly i've been really down since schnitz passed away, and I think it's starting to take a tole on me. Idk, I just need to see my regular doctor for once, not a specialist.

  • Hang in there sweetie. I am so sorry you are missing Schnitz. That really hurts, I know. Hugs ~

  • I am so sorry you are having a tough time...I know all too well not liking what I see in the mirror...I pass by and I still think of myself as 150 lbs of Yoyo Baby ! Well no more Sister Lol I see myself and think who's that chubby chick ? Haha I think you are cute as a button...you can't hide how beautiful you are...you show it in your love of Animals daily...I can't tell you how sorry I am about your sweet FurBaby....praying for you always

  • Thank you Karla.... and yeah.... I give up looking in the mirror. And getting ready. There's no point anymore. But I do love my animals, although I wish I hard my favorite one still :( And thank you, I miss her so much.

  • I'm sorry the nose didn't turn out the way you wanted to.. But guess what, we love you no matter how your nose lookes like.. I know that just a little comfort, but not all you need right now.. Wish I could borrow you Din Jaime to snuggle up in bed with you... Go see your doc, to find out if you're low on anything important.. Meanwhile: it takes up to 6 months at least to get all the meds from surgery out if your body, so the fatigue could still be from surgery... Big hugs coming across the ocean!!!! ;-)

  • lol... and i've had 4 surgeries since december 14th so maybe it is from that! Thank you Franzi. I have Bentley and Bennett.... just no the same as Schnitz.

  • Hugs honey, I hope tomorrow will be better for you. When I look at pictures of you I think your beautiful.