I dislocated my wrist yesterday my doctor insisted I go to A E to check no...

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  • You should go back And asks to see someone else x

  • I've done my wrist it is possible! Silly Docs! When I needed stitches in my veins and skin they said they were going to use some hard core steristrips and I explained that it wasn't going to work with my skin but they left it and they opened and I ended up with a huge scar! Lisa your dog weighs more than me!

  • Thanks Guys, I will go back to doc, I knew she was wrong, but she got really stroppy, literally did verbal huffs and stomped off when I questioned her, then fitted the splint on the wrong hand. I may well phone and complain, unfortunately I already have a complain going through though as after a recent surgery (3 months ago), I was left uncatheterised (when unable to pass water) till the point I had a litre and a half in my bladder and now it isn't working properly and having to self catheterise at times! Am nervous if I start complaining they will wstop taking them seriously :-/ Tilly I have a scar on my hand from my drip, 3 months ago, bizarre, stuff on my tummy heals much better than hands and legs etc. It's not Lisas dog, it was me that wrote about the dog, she;s my friends but staying with me just now, and she weighs about 12kg more than I do :-D

  • I had a similar experience with A & E when my wrist dislocated and wouldn't stay in. After 2 trips and being sent home with them saying "wear a tubi-grip" I went to my physio who said I'd need a backslab for 2 weeks, she wrote a letter and then went to the GP who wrote a similar letter and phoned A&E. I then went and had more arguments with A&E but with the letters and refusing to leave until they put it in plaster they eventually gave in and put it in plaster but only if I went back to fracture clinic the day after. I didn't and just followed my physio's advice and then went to a splint after 2 weeks. Maybe you could try this too? I hope it is easing soon and you get the right course of treatment x

  • I have been told by a Physio that my lunate bone in my wrist is loose and moves out of place which causes a great deal of pain around the base of my thumb. She has shown me how to pop it back in using traction and twisting. Using my crutches is now problematic.

  • Rachel, have you tried Smart Crutches? They are £80 for a pair and the whole top part can be positioned anywhere from normal crutches position to horizontal so there is no weight on your hands. I got some about a month ago and they are amazing!

  • No I've not tried those, so shall take a look. I am aware I'm pulling my back a bit just using one. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • How are you doing Karen Clynes?

  • I have so many dislocations it's silly, like the doctor who I saw about my broken ankle after dislocating my knee, didnt believe I dislocated my knee. Last week I saw someone in Dr Kazkaz team at uchl, they couldn't believe my toes, and I'm a pianist every time I move my fingers they try and pop out.

  • Hi Alison Hurst Bless you, Thank you so much for asking, I missed your post, but was so sweet of you to ask. Still have a few probs with wrist, but mainly if I take the splint off so trying to wear it when I can, It hasn;t come out again though, just that throbby ache you get after a new dislocation - was the first time anything had happened to that wrist. Thanks again for checking. Ooh, sore Helen I bet - I have knee aches as apparently (before knowing about EDS) was told I had loose ligaments in knees and that;s why they hurt but no dislocations there. My hip subluxes and I am quite afraid of that coming out in case I can't get it back in and get stranded somewhere on my own, like out inn a filed with dogs or something. Fingers crossed it won't happen though. Hope your ankle is OK now.