I chickened out about asking about POTS at my last doctor s appointment but...

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  • Yes! My dr calls me a halfie because I'm pretty sensitive to most meds. I take a half of a 10mg twice a day. There is research showing more is not better for POTS. I can try to find if if you'd like. My resting HR on it runs around 56.

  • Thanks. Currently I'm prescribed 10mg twice a day. I know where I'm usually at on the things that are normally problems for me but are also side effects. If it makes any of those things worse I will give my doc a call.

  • I have been taking it for a couple of weeks now and.it has alaon helped with sleep.

  • My granddaughter was put on it in July, was getting daily migraines and her heart rate was high. She has done 100% better since she has been on it. She is on 20 mg twice a day.

  • You probably want to start with just one 10mg pill a day, probably at night, it can help you sleep. You said he prescribed 10mg/2x's a day, right? Dr Alan Pocinki talks about pots/EDS patients needing beta blockers at night to stop adrenaline dumping that causes heart rate spikes and disrupts sleeps. I started with propranolol, I think it's the first most use. It didn't do much for me. I was switched to long acting metoprolol and that has been an up & down battle. I'm sensitive of my HR dropping and I haven't found he right dose yet but am working on it. The first week or so I had side effects and it was about 2 weeks before it started to lower my heart rate. A lot of people say that if one beta blocker doesn't work another one might. So if propranolol doesn't seem to help don't be afraid to try another.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz, im going to have to read that article. I'm sensitive to meds too. I am trying dr Pocinki's protocol and am working on bb's. My dr has many patients who can handle large doses of bb's but I'm very sensitive to a low HR. If my resting was 56, I'd probably be having a panic attack I don't like it even in the mid- 60s. I wish it would stay like 73-75 but it's hard with a by. So I'm taking 1/2 of the smallest dose of metoprolol. My dr thought it was strange and it made me feel guilty like I have less of an illnes or something. It's hard becaus my HR still goes up when I try to stand or walk but I don't like the low resting heart rate so I don't know what to do

  • My 23andme actually shows I'm a slow metabolizer of many meds. (there's a webinar on it this evening). My rheumatologist was so surprised at how little dose I need of a bb. Sounds like you're very sensitive to them also. It may help to keep very hydrated if you're not already(?)

  • I am very wll hydrated :) I am interested in the webinar tonight! I had some sort test done by a different company my cardiologist used (PGxl labs?) I got the results and asked about them and he said they didn't use that anymore :( I think it only has two things flagged but I'm not sure if I've read it correctly.

  • Dr. Tinkle prescribes 10 mg in the morning and 20 mg at night for my daughter. It helps her alot!

  • My daughter has benefitted greatly from her prescribed Clonidine.

  • Thanks everyone. I'm especially concerned about it dropping my blood pressure too much. I've had issues with low blood pressure in the past (yes, I already drink lots of water and try to eat enough salt) and that was not fun at all. I tend to have low normal BP now. Plus I still haven't found the blood pressure cuff my 3yo hid last week so I can't monitor it right now.

  • It's the one of the go to's in the first line of treatment for a lot of the well known POTS docs. It has a specific action that helps rewire the nervous system. I've forgotten what that is, and I see the irony in that considering brain fog. LOL I was on 10 mg 1x daily, but have reduced to 5 mg. Small dose. I have really low BP w/orthostatic intolerance and it barely effects it, if at all.