I applied my 3rd application every 3 days yesterday This morning I had heart...

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  • Typical symptom of lyme

  • I have but not as a result of the cream. Take it easy, relax, deep breaths. It will pass. Slow down on size and frequency of dose until you know your tolerance. FYI research Dr. Strauss heart drops. Recommended by some Lymies although I've never tried it.

  • Hang in there buddy. I know this is horrifying .

  • I am doing once a week now.

  • GcMAF does not have side effects. Your infections, however, come to life as the body realizes it has a bigger problem than it thought.....it gets worse before it gets better.....

  • Yes I have heart issues

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz be well!

  • Hang in there! Love and prayers

  • Me too only cause of lyme and it's friends. My cardiac is excellent otherwise. F'ing bugs.

  • So like the body waking up or something? Yeah the immune system has alot on its plate!

  • Well, it seems some of the organisms are destroying our bodies under the radar, as you need MAF for it to provide proper surveillance. Then you provide the missing link and the immune systems says "wtf," better fix this situation....