I am wondering what the symptoms are if you have a Osteo and Rheumatoid

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  • I don't have psoriasis Just itchy patches of skin that I get regularly

  • I have OA in both knees I had XRays done and it came back Positive for OA I Have pain 24/7 I get stiffness all the time and I feel very tired most days there is days when I dont want to get out of Bed I have to sit on my Bed for about 10 to 15 Minutes before can walk and that takes effort x

  • I can relate to that Margaret Ann even with the Celebrex I spend time in the morning trying to motivate my self to put my feet on the ground this site gives me conformation of what I'm going through, comfort of people that know the pain, and inspiration that if they can make it so can I I think this site is a good addition to treatment

  • I Agree Rodney I take Morphine for my OA it works somtimes I have a Moto I will not let Arthritis get me down I will keep on going I will not let it get me xxx

  • I have OA and rheum is not sure about RA yet. But have fibro and ana positive. This arthritis is just as bad as fibro. Im not on anything for Oa. But I think I should be. Does the celebrex help?

  • Same way here Margaret but I work full time. Its soooo hard.

  • I just started the celebrex a few days ago, but already feeling better,,

  • I have osteoarthritis , polymyalgia rheumatica and fibro feel really unwell and that is the polymyalgia apparently one of the symptoms is feeling really unwell.....not to say you have it but shows you they all go hand in hand..

  • Carol, mention the itchy skin when you next see someone, not everyone with psoriasis has ugly red patches, its worth bringing up

  • Ok, thanx Sharron,..