I am wondering if others are affected by cold like me Perhaps it s related to...

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  • yip my hands get really cold sore especialy at my knuckles which i have now developed knuckle pads which i have to see surgeon later to discuss options .

  • being cold all the time as a sign of thyroid disorder have you had your thyroid checked? How about an evaluation for Raynayds? I live in the subtropics, Naples, Florida and I can tell you it's plenty hot here! We have thermostat wars all day long thank goodness we have two zones or it would get really ugly!

  • I take thyroid meds daily. Makes my life slightly better.

    I want to move to Bonita Beach.

  • will look into thyroid getting checked but always cold in scotland lol

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz you would already have three new friends here all with Dupuytrens!

  • Thyroid disorder is not officially a related disorder to DD but lots of us have it nonetheless and we have a lot of information about it in our files. Let us know if you need more information or help finding it.

  • Sounds like a thyroid problem. Have you had your thyroid checked??

  • Hi Debbie, my hand that had surgery is always cold, not my whole body. I hope you figure it out, Florida sounds good to me.

  • My feet and hands ache with pangs of pain in the cold. I wear heated glove liners and heated insoles and plan to go south for winters when I retire in 4 years. We bought the camper we will use in the winter last spring. I had no pain whatsoever when we were in South Dakota in July, so while we were planning Naples, FL, we may also try the South West in case the dry air was the reason I had no pain.