I am totally snowed in in the middle of a blizzard I love these days when the...

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  • Stay warm and relax

  • youd be surprised lol!

  • We are just mopping up now from one here in Boston. Enjoy!

  • I hope you will feel better soon from those boils. I am hoping you can find relief from them. I hate when my mpa friends are in pain. :-(

  • Gosh I couldn't even imagine that amount of snow !

  • we recently had floods here near my house in australia.... and i loved it slept for days guilt free xoxo

  • I love it...I stayed inside, snuggled up to my kitty :D

  • Us too Tamara...31 inches of snow outside my door....stay safe!

  • only 11 here. for once the east coast beat out fargo nd....way to go :P

  • wow