I am taking 50mg of Imuran twice a day I started feeling Sick Friday night but...

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  • (TAK) So sorry to hear that you are ill. I am on remicade, cellcept, and pred and have had some infections...not strep...yet. I hope that they started you on an antibiotic. I found that due to immune suppression, doctors need to be much more aggressive in treating our infections, including continuing treatment for longer than the standard 10 days. Don't fool with strep...its a devil.

  • Yes she put me on a strong antibiotic and was very careful. I thought I had a sinus infection but she said due to Imuran she had to be sure she didn't miss anything. Did rapid strep and bloodwork. My throat was hurting but I thought it was a waste of time to do strep test. She was right!

  • Good....you will feel a lot better in about 24 hours.

  • I needed 4 weeks of antibiotics to take care of an infected bursa on my elbow!

  • HSP - I've been on 150mg of Imuran daily since November 2011. I had bronchitis a few weeks back after my thyroid surgery. First time I've had bronchitis since 2007. I think it had more to do with the surgery than anything though. Anyway, the doctor I saw at the time for this (regular doc unavailable) put me on Augmentin for 10 days, which did the trick. I know while taking Imuran I shouldn't just shrug things off if I feel sick. Hope you fell better soon Nicole!