I am so excited to be having my 2nd child my boyfriend and I planned to have a...

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  • feel so depleted too. My first two pregnancies were not nearly as bad. Im soo happy for you though!! I hope you get batter very soon!! LOTS of water <3 Ginger hard candys really help my morning sickness <3

  • Our immune systems go way down during pregnancy and put us at more risk for infection, unfortunately. Hopefully you start feeling better soon!

  • Thanks.

  • I just stopped catching everything just after 30 weeks. Crossing my fingers that your immune system perks up after 1st trimester is done & the rest of your pregnancy is fairly easy!

  • If it makes you feel any better, I came down with meningitis from the Shingles virus, which then activated in my body. Twice. I spent most of January in the hospital. I delivered my little girl Friday morning and I'm still getting antivirals through a PICC line. My body sucks during pregnancy. So, I am right there with you!

  • It got better for me at 16 weeks with both and then even better at 20 weeks. I still had struggles but the illnesses were much better.

  • Uggh im sorry you're feeling so unwell :( hang in there it will get better! I assume youre taking prenatals, but I recommend you supplement with Vitamin D as well; we dont get enough of it in our diets and especially lack it during winter months (vit d deficiency I swear is a root cause of 'cold and flu season') and it will really help your immune system/help you fight infection ❤

    Incorporate lots of garlic into your diet whenever possible, and homemade 'neocitran' (grated ginger, lemon slices and honey steeped in hot water) is such a life saver for me.

  • I take viramin D on a regular. Weekly dose that drs gave me and a daily dose that they told me to take just to make sure