I am so done It was bad enough when it was just joint pain But now it s all...

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  • We eliminated sugar and flour and are now focused on green, leafy vegetables and lean meats per her RA docs suggestion. The first 10 days were rough but this morning she admitted how much better she felt and how happy she is to have lost six pounds over the last two weeks. Light dawns on the 16 year old head!

  • We are trying to adjust her diet. However she has always been super picky so that is a huge source of frustration. I'm glad it's working for your daughter. I just keep trying new healthy foods with mine hoping we will find some she will eat.

  • Swimming

  • I am calling tomorrow to see if we can get a discounted membership to our local gym that has a pool. We can't afford it otherwise.

  • Counseling can work wonders. Sounds like she is depressed

  • My granddaughter has JIA and swimming helps with weight loss and soreness. I hope y'all can get a discount.

  • Have you guys tried any physical therapy? We were about a year and a half in before we found the right place. It was a 75 minute drive each way and lots of tears on the way home along with some mean words, but she is better for what she learned and had a home program that helps immensely

  • I would agree. We are changing insurance at the end of the month and then I'm going to look for one for her.

  • We just did 3 months of pt. We ended because our order was up and we have to change insurance. We might start again though. She is still falling a lot.

  • I second the swimming. My 14 year old might be down in the dumps and barely walking, but when he gets in the pool, it's like a miracle. He feels free and in less pain. Afterward he is in such a great mood!

  • My daughter was in pain for more than 4 years. It was a long journey. We did PT and kept it up at home, and then we did OT. It's so important to realize you have to create new routines at home from what works at therapy. My girl has Chron's, JIA, Fibro, AMPS, SPD........therapy, where she can talk to someone helps so much as well.