I am new to the group and newly diagnosed with osteoarthritis degenerative bone...

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  • Hiya. I also have degenetive disk disease. Spondylosis of the spine and fibromyalgia. I'm on PIP. Used to be on higher rate mobility (DLA) and had a mobility car until they changed it so everyone has to be on PIP now. You can apply for PIP... There is a brilliant group on Facebook called fightback for justice they deal in all these sort of things. Are very busy but do get back to you asap.xx

  • I were also on tramadol but came off them September because of trying for a baby (11 weeks now ) all my health problems started when I was 22. And I'll be 27 next month. Just after my now 4 year old was born it all got started with rheumatologist etc x

  • Thanks for the information, I'll check it out.