I am new to the child form I am curious what blood work was done to diagnosis...

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  • I don't remember everything they checked in my daughter but I know ferritin levels is something they keep a close eye on.

  • Ferritin levels are checked bc of the possibility of macrophage activation syndrome. However, ferritin is not always done unless there is reason to believe MAS may be starting. Usually, the normal labs to monitor for sjia are Sed rate, CRP, CBC, CMP, d-dimer and a few others.

    Here is a snapshot of some labs we have done on a regular basis

  • Ana is usually negative in soja, my sons DX was based off his symptoms, history and blood work. There are a few things like SED rate that can show it but nothing that says YES or NO!

  • Thanks I wanted to make sure. I have twins and he has another type his blood is usually weird thanks everyone