I am in SO Much pain ugh. and I took pain meds

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  • I would at least go to the doctor for the pneumonia, not necessarily ER. For the other things I think I would be in the same boat as you, not knowing whether to go or not

  • Only go to the ER if you are starting to have trouble breathing or the pain in your chest is so bad you can barely move. Don't go for other pain though, you'll waste a whole night for nothing- I've been there before. Chest pain+ trouble breathing, injury (dislocations) or other severe symptoms unrelated to EDS (and it's related illnesses) are the only things you should really go to the ER for. They just label us as drug seekers and don't do anything.

    I once went in for severe chest pain and tight chestedness, plus previous palpitations and a current heart rate of 100bpm. They gave me IV paracetamol for a slight fever, ran a load of tests. They left me an extra two hours past due for my morphine, then only gave me half a dose. Put it down to a "viral infection"- basically something like a cold, but I didn't have any other symptoms.

  • Yeah this is a tough decision, me and my cognitive behavioral therapist have talked about this.. we are constantly in a High amount of pain so when do we draw the line and go in? It could be appendicitis and I not go in thinking it's just another EDS Thing.

  • For example.. I think it's just really terrible cold mixed with lung pain and constant coughing which is causing my ribs to sublux, etc. It's just so miserable. I just feel like not myself at all, weak, off balance more, chest pain with coughing, constant feeling of something stuck in the back of my throat.. too much to keep track of atm.

  • It sounds more like a chest infection to me, all the symptoms fit. You could have mucus etc sitting on your chest, which would cause the coughing, throat feeling and lung pain. Then not breathing well and having an infection would cause the other symptoms.

    If you start struggling to breathe or your heart rate goes above 100, go to the ER. If not, go to the doctors tomorrow. Check your pulse hourly when you're awake, more often if your chest gets worse.

  • I was in the hospital for 3 weeks with pneumonia it is no fun please go get checked

  • My pulse is always around 100-130